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Things that I loved and will always remember about Sunny…

Her fancy cooking at 2010….there was a fluffy thick French pancake

Her beautiful hair…kept lovely all the years 

Her story of how she became “Sunny”

Her love of beautiful flowers

Her desire always to learn and be informed at all ages

Living each day to its fullest

Wheeling along the road from one building to the next in the rain

Playing charades

Her dedication to the “League”

Her wisdom

Feeling loved by her 

Chatting about the wedding of the fish

Eating ice cream

The way Sunny would listen with careful intent

Powering through all her surgeries

Pondering about the past

Cards late at night in Canada

What a lovely hostess Sunny always was

Her special way with children

Her joy of music

Michigan and Penn State Football

Loved her hand written notes and the pictures Suzy shared

Sunny’s timeless chicness

Looking forward to our phone calls

Talking politics

Picking horses in the Kentucky Derby

Afternoon cocktails… And I could go on and on

Tears start to fall as I write this.  Sunny was an incredible, beautiful person and her presence in our lives will be deeply missed. ~ Lori

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