Memories of Sunny

I do believe that Sunny may have been a re-incarnated Zen master as I always felt her complete attention when I visited. Or, perhaps, in another life she was a wonderful painter like Chagall since her room was covered with tasteful paintings. Of course, we can’t forget that she must have inherited the spirit of the Suffragettes in her work on behalf of The League of Women Voters.

Sunny was curious and wise. Despite hearing and sight loss in her older years, she continued to listen to NPR and subscribe to the New Yorker. Of course, she was well-rounded. She balanced her more intellectual pursuits with being a major fan of University of Michigan football and basketball. 

I loved to hear Sunny tell stories about the Morse family adventures on the island they visited each summer in the Georgian Bay. Her husband, Bill, built an out-house one year. The structure was apparently slightly out of plumb and did not allow the door to close. With a sledge-hammer, Bill whacked the structure in just the right spot. To the family’s amazement, this carefully calculated intervention completely solved the problem. 

Sunny was independent from an early age exploring the natural world around her home in Pennsylvania. She recalled stories of shifting her dress from the front to the back in order to please her mother by cleverly covering up any evidence of such adventures.

Along with others in her fan club, I will miss Sunny’s presence in my life. It is my hope that those who knew her will emulate her many wonderful qualities so that the world will continue to be a bit more sunny!! ~ Marijo Grogan

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