Sunny: warmth and light

I have probably never met someone who embodied her choosen name more than Sunny. As a family friend a few generations younger, I only knew her in her senior years, and what an awesome elder she was.

My friends and I who knew her always felt like she was the spirited, funny, smart, mischevious and huge-hearted grandmotherly role model we wanted to be like when we were old someday. From her long white tresses worn proudly atop her head like a crown to her little jokes cleverly slipped into conversation where you least expected them, you knew she was someone worth paying attention to. And not because she demanded it, because she was so clearly, quietly, unabashedly her own person, with an infectious joy about her; you just wanted to be near. And her sincere interest in asking about what was going on in your life, always seemed to make one feel like a very special person when Sunny was around to listen. She will forever be my role model of how to age gracefully, beautifully, and wisely, staying young at heart and forever active through activism. Sunny always seemed to find a way to make each day a little bit brighter for others. Thank you for your strong beams of great light, which have inspired so many. ~ Alicia

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