Sunny so lived up to her name

I have so many wonderful memories of spending time with Sunny up at the Bay that it’s hard to pick. As far back as I can remember, every summer my brother and I would spend time on Morse island with Sunny. We would go swimming, do art projects, play in the loft above the kitchen, go on little walks, and have the best snacks. She was a ray of sunshine, true to her name – always the most loving, supportive, positive presence. It was always a big treat to have dinner over at the Morse island, with her delicious curry dip, lasagna, and lemon squares. I remember she patiently taught my mom to knit. I remember a red vest she embroidered with animals that I wore often. I remember fun Friday dinners at Hiawatha, going on sailing trips, and picking blueberries. She was an artist, a nature-lover, an amazing cook, and loved to talk about books and politics. I remember talking to her about classes she was taking when I was in college and law school – we had many overlapping interests in civil rights and women’s legal causes. She always seemed genuinely interested in our lives – our friends, our favorite things at school, trips we’d gone on. We have the same birthday, May 12, so in recent years, we talked on the phone on that day. I always felt happy and lucky to share a birthday with such a wonderful person. The world has definitely dimmed without Sunny in it. I loved her very much and will miss her. I am sending the Morses all my love right now. ~Julie

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